About Us

G.A. Paper International is a Canadian-based trading company specializing in paper, board and pulp sales. We offer a complete package of services which includes shipping, logistics, financing, and after-sales support.

Long Term Partner

With a track record of nearly three decades, we continue to be a reliable partner to our suppliers and our customers. We recognize that each supplier has its own specific aims and needs, and that each customer has a different definition of quality, fair price and effective financing. We endeavour to satisfy all parties in every transaction.

Our Operations

Our head office is located in Markham, a suburb of Toronto, Canada. We ensure full knowledge of our customers’ needs and strive to meet them satisfactorily preferably through direct contact. The company maintains full control over all our activities and do not outsource any.

Embracing Change

In a continually changing world, our extensive experience in successfully dealing with often unexpected changes enables us to pro-actively meet the needs and demands of international, national and local markets. This allows us to help both suppliers and customers balance and develop their sales and marketing programs against the risks involved in international trade.

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